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5 superstars who should beat Roman Reigns immediately for the Universal Championship

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WWE’s Universal Champion Roman Reigns has looked invincible ever since he joined forces with Paul Heyman and won the Universal title a few months ago. Post his win, Reigns hasn’t faced a single defeat in the WWE. This has not gone down well with a majority of the WWE Universe who want somebody fresh to hold the Universal championship rather than have Reigns at the helm forever. With this being the criteria, let’s check out 5 superstars who should be beating Reigns for the Universal championship in the very near future. 

  • Kevin Owens: Owens is scheduled to face Reigns at the TLC PPV. Though the odds are stacked up against him, Owens is a dark horse considering the fact that he has also been a former Universal champion who is yet to get a rematch for the title since 2017 when he lost to Goldberg. At this juncture, Owens should best Reigns and look strong to represent his full potential and head to Wrestlemania 37.

    Reigns losing to Ownes also makes sense as the latter is now a face. Even at Survivor Series, Reigns the heel, beat WWE champion Drew McIntyre. Therefore, at TLC, Owens should walk out as the Universal champion, rather than just having won the hearts of fans.
  • Daniel Bryan – Daniel Bryan is currently embroiled in a feud for the Intercontinental title, but being a face character and on his last legs in the WWE, Bryan should be going for the big gold (by beating the big dog) in the near future. It only makes for a befitting farewell for the man who revolutionized WWE in the last decade, primarily with his Yes Movement that connected with the Universe more than The Rock and even John Cena. Bryan was almost the face of WWE, till he faced a career threatening injury. Despite his return, he has not looked like the leader of the Yes Movement.

    Despite winning the WWE title as a heel after his return, Bryan needs to win the championship as a face and this is also the best for business for both WWE as well as the fans.
  • Seth Rollins – Rollins turned heel during the Survivor Series when he let the team down and let Sheamus of Team RAW pin him. Rollins, has worked with Reigns earlier and has beaten the big dog as well. Now, under changed circumstances, Rollings could turn face when he returns to the WWE post his latest hiatus and win the Royal Rumble to set up a blockbuster Wrestlemania main event where Reigns is dethroned emphatically and the beast slayer takes his place as the “ultimate messiah” on Friday Night Smackdown.
  • Lars Sullivan – Though Sullivan has not been seen for a month now, he could make his return any time. When he does, the WWE Universe wants him to go for the major titles. The best push for him would be to challenge Reigns, as the undefeated beast, and beat him to win the Universal championship.

    It would also do well for Sullivan to headline both the Royal Rumble as well as Wrestlemania early next year. This way, Sullivan’s “best instincts” would be served justice whilst having a completely fresh Universal champion. From a “Creative” perspective, Sullivan could come back and finish off Reigns to take the Universal championship and even retail it for at least a year while remaining unbeaten during his entire reign.
  • Finn Balor – Yes! You heard it right, Finn Balor the current NXT champion. He was the inaugural Universal champion in 2016 and has been wasted by the WWE ever since. Though he is now the champion in NXT, his short Universal championship reign captured more eyeballs and completely connected with the Universe who wanted to see him as the champion for a long time; but alas! an injury put an end to this excitement and Balor relinquished the championship. Ever since, Balor hasn’t had the opportunity to win the title even after 4 years.

    Balor, if he comes back to the main roster and Smackdown, could be good news for the entire global WWE fan community. He would even extract revenge and win back his title (that he never lost). A victory over Reigns would also potentially establish him as the face of WWE. He could be the next John Cena. But this is in the hands of the Creative team. Whether they want a new face or not is certainly up to the decision makers, and not the fans; otherwise it wouldn’t have been Roman in the first place! It would certainly have been a fresh face, somebody like Balor as the torch bearer.