WTA President: “It will be safest to assume the tour will return to normal only in 2022”

mickey lawler
Mickey Lawler with his dog holding a tennis ball

Obviously, the year 2020 was very difficult for each of us, both physically and mentally. It prepared seemingly many insurmountable obstacles for us, but we can say we successfully coped with them. Athletes, including tennis players, are no exception. Reducing the amount of prize money for winning tournaments, including Grand Slams tournaments, postponing or canceling the tournaments themselves, as well as holding competitions without spectators – all this, unfortunately, became the norm for tennis players last year. As you can see, the world’s epidemiological situation is not improving, but only getting worse. The following question is ripening: when do we expect some changes for the better, and what will bring us 2021 in the sports world?

In a short interview, Mickey Lawler, who has been president of the WTA since 2015, commented on this situation, answering when tennis will return to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.

“In my opinion, in 2020, tennis did a great job with the huge problems that arose due to the globalization of the tour. But, of course, let’s not forget these problems continue to this day. I think it will be safest to assume the tour will return to normal in 2022. However, we are seriously focused on flexibility. It seems to me Wimbledon-2021 will not be completely normal, although, at the same time, I hope it will be as normal as possible,”

said Mickey Lawler.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and Octagon, a sports and entertainment marketing and management company, announced Mickey Lawler’s appointment as WTA president 6 years ago. A native of the Netherlands began her work at a new post on January 1, 2015.

Stacey Allaster, executive director of the WTA, commented on the appointment while Mickey began her job in a new post.

“Mickey Lawler worked for the development of tennis for almost 30 years and was also a WTA Council member for many years. She has incredible experience in the search for sponsors, financial management, and the development of popularity. I can’t imagine the best candidate for the leadership position in our organization,”

said Stacey Allaster at the time.

Well, in this situation, it remains to be hoped 2021 will bring us all much more positive emotions than 2020. Perhaps he will already be “normal” for tennis players, not 2022, as Mickey Lawler suggested. In any case, the most important thing is to go forward despite any obstacles. And if they will appear, then boldly and confidently overcome them.