The Australian Open organisers changed some rules for the tournament, and also announced the start date of ticket sales

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The logo of Australian Open tournament

Everybody knows well the pandemic that was caused by Covid-19 this year has provoked lots of problems and inconveniences to all people, including athletes. Unfortunately, the postponement and cancellation of tournaments became the norm for tennis players, and competitions held without a single viewer became a new habit. Now athletes sincerely hope in 2021 everything will return to the usual course. Although at the moment there is really good news in the tennis world, it’s too early to draw any conclusions and forecasts.

Now our main task is to collect all the latest news about the upcoming tennis season in the pandemic, thereby notifying the players of something good or vice versa, of bad. So, the other day on the network, there was another news about the conditions of the Australian Open-2021.

According to the source, the Australian Open organisers decided to tighten the rules for admission of partners to the 2021 tournament. Not surprisingly, since the Australian Open is a Grand Slam tournament, and therefore one of the largest tournaments of the year. Subsequently, there is a pandemic or not, quite a lot of people go there, even if you take into account only athletes and their team. Therefore, the other day, new data appeared on the number of people that players will be able to take with them at the Australian Open so that everything meets sanitary conditions and the already bad epidemiological situation doesn’t become even worse.

Earlier it was reported the permissible number of partners would be different for each player. Then what rules should be followed to calculate the number for each of the tennis players? Firstly, the former and current winners of the tournament will be able to take four people with them, and the top 10 players are already three. Then, singles players – two, doubles – one each (two per duet). However, now there is urgent information that only 1000 people will be allowed into Australia. Therefore, this is how, according to the organisers, distribution should occur:

  • participants who directly hit the main draw alone, as well as top 10 players in a pair, will be able to take two people with them
  • all the others – only one

Thus, it’s obvious that the privileges for champions and top players under the new rules were, unfortunately, reduced. Yeah, and don’t forget about the kids. Children under three years of age are not included in the allocated number of people. However, they will also be forbidden to leave the hotel during the quarantine.

The first Australian Open Grand Slam tournament in 2021 will begin on February 8. Before the start of the tournament, the players will have the promised two-week quarantine, during which it will be possible to conduct training for only 5 hours a day.

Also, in the sports world, no less important information appeared about ticket sales for this Grand Slam tournament. It’s reported they will begin to be sold on December 21 at midnight East Australian time. So if you are a tennis player and are going to prove yourself in Australian courts at the beginning of next year, don’t miss this moment. This news is also relevant for ordinary spectators since the organisers of the Australian Open still allowed them to attend the matches. However, they plan to let in only 50% of the usual amount. The Victorian government has approved a plan for the tournament, so players can calmly prepare for the important upcoming event in their lives. We can only wish them to protect their health, and in no case, give up. On the contrary, we always need to hope for the best.