Tartakova about Medvedev’s defeats at Roland Garros: “Sharapova also said that on the ground like a cow on ice. And then I started taking titles”

Sports Daily

The new tennis generation will not push the old trio in any way. The fans are tired of waiting …

I do not agree, they are already winning.

It seems to me that a mixed era is starting now, when the young and the veterans will win. Like a general disco! Djokovic, Nadal and Federer cannot just leave at once. The same Nadal is perhaps the best athlete in all sports history.

Women’s tennis is a little different, since girls have a different psychology. They quickly change priorities, they can quickly quit their hobby.

Moreover, there are problems with money or with parents, primarily when moving to adult tennis. Women’s psychology does not always withstand this. Not only in Russia, everywhere. The women’s tennis tour is in total chaos right now.

You need to be Masha Sharapova or Serena Williams to compete in women’s sports for 15 years. There are few of them.

Russian women tennis players are not the only ones to fail. Daniil Medvedev can’t get through the first round at Roland Garros. What needs to be done to make him stop playing on clay?

Danya treats this with humor. The ground is not its cover. I am sure that he will correct the matter in the near future. Masha Sharapova also said that on the ground she felt like a cow on ice. And then she started taking titles. Danya is a super talent. He will be able to, – said Tartakova in an interview with the “Sport Day by Day” publication.