Sofia Kenin is named the best player of the year in the women’s round by WTA

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Sofia Kenin, one of the top tennis players in the women’s tour, has had tremendous success in the WTA. 

All this helped her to become the player who will be closely watched by the whole world in the new decade. This year, the American was able to win the first three titles, hit the first racket of the world Serena Williams at Roland Garros and knocked out the greats Ashley Barty and Naomi Osaka in Toronto and Cincinnati. Thus, finishing 14th, Sofia was named the best player of the year according to the WTA 2019.

At the moment, based on the rating by the end of 2020, he notes that the American’s achievements have just begun. 

Next to her name in the ranking is number 4, which reflects many of her important achievements. It is important to bear in mind that one of the measures required today, which each due to the coronavirus tour takes into account, is the adoption in March of a rating called “Best of 2019 or 2020”. Sofia Kenin scored 1000 points more than any participant.

Although it seems like the path to that success was likely a surprise in early 2020 after reviewing subsequent campaigns for the WTA’s most successful female tennis players in the past. Several viral videos with Sofia as a child were found online.

For example, Kim Clijsters once gave Kenin a private tour backstage at the Miami Open. Then the six-year-old American behaved as if it all belonged to her. Sitting in the interview room, Sofia said that she prefers to win Wimbledon over the Open. A year later, at another tournament, young Kenin replied to Murphy Jensen that she could return Andy Roddick’s serve:

“If I take a step, turn around and strike from the right.”

This strength and confidence have always been inside Sophia. She always demonstrates the high ability, composure and confidence needed to defeat the best players in the world during her breakout season. It is important to understand that being competitive is one thing, but knowing how to apply your skills and how to beat is different. And this is an integral feature that Kenin demonstrates in almost every tournament.

In 2019, Kenin was not a media darling. The lack of wild hype was likely due to the 6: 3, 6: 1 loss to Daniel Collins just before the Major in Adelaide. During her third round return, Zhang Shuai could hit first with a pair of set points. In the 1/8 finals, the 15-year-old American represented red, white and blue. The entire stadium watched her with bated breath. Despite losing the first set of the tournament in a tie-break to Coco Gauff, she increased her first serve percentage.

“There is a lot of hype around her. And yes, she has a big name. It is obvious, she plays well,”

Kenin commented on the match later.

“Yes, I just tried not to let it get over me, I just try to take it like any other match of mine, focus on myself, focus on my game.”

Such important qualities as a strong and precise serving under pressure, withstanding strength in gruelling rallies and dashing into daring moments led Sofia to the most important match of her life, where she explained how her qualities could be combined into the perfect recipe for victory. After levelling the final game with Garbina Muguruza to sets for each, Kenin soon realized that the fifth game of the set, where the winner takes all, fell to a triple breakpoint.

Despite the endurance and athletic endurance, we are all human, and at that moment, the child inside the tennis player in despair hit the ball before her inner one beat five wonderful winners. Kenin retained 10 of the 12 breakpoints, while the Spaniard’s chances of becoming the youngest Australian Open champion since 2008 were five times higher.

“I have had a lot of matches in which I lost a match point and managed to win or win a tournament. I had to put myself in such a state to believe in myself and not give up,”

she told the BNP Paribas Open after arriving at the cancelled tournament.

“After the Australian Open, there were a lot of expectations and people looked at me with all kinds of pressure. I managed to cope with it and finish it off tightly.”

The resumption of the tour for the American has become one of the most severe tests of mental fortitude. She lost her first match to Alize Cornet in Cincinnati in New York, after losing to Eliza Mertens in the fourth round of the US Open.

Kenin is going to get back to practice, to the basics, to move forward and not stop at an outcome that cannot be changed. After training in Paris, Kenin returned to what she does best: finding ways to win and outflank opponents.

The American’s last win this year was her strongest since leaving the Rod Laver Arena, a 6-4, 7-5 semi-final victory over two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova.