Should the players unpack their suitcases? The organisers confirmed the Australian Open is postponed for three weeks and will begin only on February 8th

australian open 2021

A year has passed since the Covid-19 pandemic began to bring to life each of us various difficulties and obstacles. Equally, it affected athletes, including tennis players. Unfortunately, postponements and cancellations of competitions, including Grand Slam tournaments, as well as the loss of points and dives in the world ranking have already become the norm for professional players.

More recently, it was still difficult to call the situation with the Grand Slam tournament transfer definite. Of course, it takes a long time to make the right decision. Especially given that the players promised to boycott the tournament if the organisers delay the answer. Plus, as we know, they wanted to cancel training during quarantine, which most of all angered the athletes. It wouldn’t allow the players to prepare well for one of the most important tournaments of the year, so the reaction of tennis players is quite understandable. However, the issue with training has already been resolved, and, it seems, with the postponement of the Australian Open itself, too.

Craig Tiley, head of Tennis Australia, finally decided to postpone one of the largest and most important tournaments in the career of any tennis player – the Australian Open. He confirmed the Australian Open-2021 will be rescheduled for three weeks and will begin on February 8th, not January 18th, as originally intended.

In his small interview, which Tiley managed to give the other day, he briefly shared his impressions about the current situation.

“Of course, it took a lot of time to agree on all the issues. But we seem to be able to start on February 8th,”

Craig said.

“Starting January 15th, players will have to undergo a two-week quarantine, but the authorities of Victoria agreed to special conditions for the participants. They recognised the players need to prepare for the Grand Slam.”

The head of Tennis Australia also admitted the conditions would be strict. Still, after quarantine, players will be able to live anywhere, go anywhere, play preparatory matches, and then perform at the Australian Open in front of filled stands. Such information is undoubtedly pleasing, especially in such a difficult situation.

Besides, it’s also reported that Tennis Australia will organise and pay for charters for players. Tennis players will arrive in Australia on January 15-17, but quarantine will begin only upon the arrival of the last player.

Of course, the organisers will carefully ensure that the players comply with all the necessary rules. It’s done for the Australian Open to take place, as well as to preserve the health of each of the players.

After the first negative analysis for coronavirus, players will be able to train. However, during the first week of quarantine, they will have only one sparring partner for all training. In the second week, training groups will expand to four people.

Also, the conditions for staying in the hotel were arranged. From its rooms in which quarantine will take place, players will be able to go out for a maximum of five hours a day: two for training on the court, two for training in the gym and one for lunch on the property.

We hope the Australian Open is still destined to take place, and each of their tennis players will be able to prove themselves fully, despite the problematic epidemiological situation around the world.