Do all Australian tournaments move to Melbourne?

melbourne courts

Not only that women’s tennis earns in general four times less than men’s, but both the WTA and ATP in 2020 also suffer huge losses. In connection with the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, tournament organizers, including Grand Slam’s organizers, are forced to take the most extreme measures. Circumstances force them to hold competitions without spectators, postpone tournaments to later dates and even cancel them altogether.

What is waiting for tennis players in 2021? Will the tournaments still take place keeping to some rules or will the pandemic prevail and have such a devastating effect not only on tennis but also on sports as a whole?

All tournaments will take place at the scene of the Australian Open

At the moment, there’s good news. Punto de Break reports regarding The Mercury the January tournaments in Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart, as well as the team ATP Cup in 2021, will move to Melbourne, where the Australian Open is held.

However, it doesn’t settle it at all. Regardless of where precisely the competition takes place, players will still have to go through the obligatory 14-day quarantine. Although, as noted, tennis players will be allowed to train during it. Plus, it’s not going to be much to take the Covid-19 test periodically.

Unfortunately, full information is available so far only about the beginning of 2021. It’s expected that the exact calendar will be known near the end of the final ATP tournament.