Chesnokov talking about the chances of Medvedev and Rublev at the final: “They are by no means outsiders and claim to win”

Daniil Medvedev and Andrei Rublev

A former ninth racket of the world Andrei Chesnokov shared his expectations from the performance of Daniil Medvedev and Andrei Rublev at the final ATP tournament.

During the interview a player admitted that Rublev is in incredible shape. He has won five tournaments already, and after changing the racket, he felt incredible confidence. There were also defeats, but the success he has now is really cool. 

Chesnokov added that Rublev plays in the style of Agassi, very fast, the ball flies tightly, and the opponents do not keep up with him. Andrey himself meets the ball early, and the opponents do not have time to adjust to his rhythm.

Talking about the final tournament, today Medvedev and Rublev can claim to win. They are by no means outsiders; they can beat anyone. There are giants, but there were matches that showed that they were not robots either. 

“Now our men’s tennis is at the peak of development, and our guys can definitely play in the semifinals and claim to win,”

Chesnokov quotes “Championship”.