ATP And Infosys announced Global Technology Partnership

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Infosys (NYSE: INFY), the world’s leading technology and services consulting company, today announced an extension of its successful partnership with ATP until 2023.

As a technology partner of ATP since 2015, Infosys has been instrumental in supporting the development of key ATP digital assets and infrastructure, including ATP PlayerZone, ATP Stats Leaderboards, ATP Second Screen and the ATP app.

Through its technology partnership, Infosys continues to develop and innovate in areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud computing. 

The company intends to use its dedicated tennis platform to provide unique experiences to players, media and fans around the world.

Moreover, Infosys ATP Stats, ATP Performance Zone and ATP Win-Lose Index will focus on analytics for tennis match statistics. In this way, fans will be able to gain a deeper understanding of tennis through in-depth match analysis.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Nitto ATP Finals, Infosys and ATP also created the Flashback 50 web interface. It is based on data collected to statistically compare champions across five decades of Nitto ATP Finals across 50 events.

“Infosys is a leading global company that has been instrumental in helping ATP innovate and drive efficiency through technology,”

said Massimo Calvelli, CEO of ATP.

“Most importantly, this exciting innovation will enable fans to learn more about our sport and improve their interaction. We are very excited to expand our partnership and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together. “

Praveen Rao, Infosys COO, also noted that the ATP Tour was their first tennis partnership, and with ATP, they continued to push the boundaries of how fans, players and the media are involved in the game.

As the company grows rapidly during its sixth year of collaboration, they are still focused on supporting ATP’s vision of reimagining the game, using data to deliver unique ideas and digital experiences through next-generation technology.

This partnership, which began in 2015, has resulted in ATP and Infosys working together on many facets in providing insightful data and insights to tennis fans around the world through, which is the world’s leading website for men playing tennis and a complete overhaul of the ATP site.

Previously, this collaboration leveraged Infosys’ artificial intelligence (AI) platform – Infosys Nia to create the aforementioned Infosys ATP Beyond the Numbers. This is a unique analytic series that deeply analyzes player performance. This also led to the development of ATP Stats Leaderboards, a new statistical method for understanding and measuring the performance of ATP World Tour players using data sets from 27 years up to 1991. Also, a second screen, which offers information on the strengths and weaknesses of tennis players, allowing them and their coaches to rethink strategies and improve performance.

Infosys was essential in creating the brand-new PlayerZone app for ATP, an extranet portal for ATP players, support groups, coaches and others in the industry, allowing users to interact with each other and access information on a wide range of topics. This includes daily real-time registrations and withdrawals from tournament draws, real-time push notifications and moreover the ability to contact any other current or former ATP player in the app.

Through long analysis of tennis data, Infosys and ATP have successfully shown opportunities not only for the entire sports ecosystem but across multiple industries.

Chris Kermode, executive chairman and president of ATP, previously noted that technology is playing a leading role in improving the understanding and analysis of tennis, as well as enabling the company to interact more closely with its worldwide fan base.

A further partnership is working on a new ATP World Tour app, which is creating a best-in-class sports app that provides tennis fans with a new tool to track and interact with ATP World Tour stars and tournaments throughout their tennis season.