All India Tennis Association Postpones Gathering Date for Elite Players Amid Sharp Increase in COVID-19 Cases

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AITA has developed a training program for the top 20 players in the camp. 

Moreover, it was to conclude with a national singles tournament among selected players in a bio-protective environment.

More recently, the number of cases in New Delhi crossed the five-lakh mark, and over the past few days, a large number of people have contracted COVID-19. Delhi also hit a record 134 deaths in one day.

The planned 3-week camp was to start for the men’s players on November 30th, and the women’s camp was to begin on January 4th.

Lishi General Secretary Anil Dhupar, DLTA President Rohit Rajpal and former AITA President Anil Khanna met to discuss the current situation, and the decision was made to postpone the camp.

Davis Cup coach in India, Zishan Ali, went camping for five days to arrange all the necessary facilities but flew back to Bangalore after infections began to rise in the capital.

“The DLTA and AITA staff are shocked. Life is more important, so we decided to postpone the camp. We were ready for this, a system with the proper infrastructure was created, but unfortunately, we are postponing the camp”,

– Dhupar told PTI. 

“We will wait to get back to normal. We will change the schedule when it becomes more convenient for players to travel. We will see if we can follow the same order or change the sequence,”

Dhupar added.

He also said that all those players who are not travelling have agreed to join the camp.