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BCCI gives assurance to foriegn players for their safe return

BCCI ensures safe return of international players

In a terrible situation of pandemic’s second wave in India, BCCI has come forward to help international players to assure them that they are safe in the bubble & once the IPL tournament is over, BCCI will make sure that they return to their respective countries safely. Hemang Amin, COO of BCCI, has written the letter to all the players clarifying that they are monitoring the situation closely.

“We understand that many of you are apprehensive about how you will get back home once the tournament concludes… We want to apprise you that you have nothing to worry about,”

Amin wrote.

“The BCCI will do everything to ensure that you reach your respective destinations seamlessly. The BCCI is monitoring the situation very closely and is working with the government authorities to make arrangements to get you home once the tournament concludes. “Be rest assured that the tournament is not over for BCCI till each one of you has reached your home, safe and sound,”

he added.

In recent exits from IPL, there were majorly Australian players like Andrew Tye (Rajasthan Royals) as well as Kane Richardson and Adam Zampa (both Royal Challengers Bangalore). All of them mentioned that it’s because of their personal reason but it is apprehended that Covid situation in the country might be the only reason for the withdrawal.

India is recording over three lakh daily cases for the past few days and the health infrastructure is struggling to handle the rise with shortage of oxygen and some crucial medicines adding to the crisis. Amin lauded the players for carrying on.

“As some of you have said, ‘if we can help distract people from all the troubles of recent times, even if it is for a short while, we have done a great job’. When you all walk out onto the field, you are bringing hope to millions of people who have tuned in. If, even for a minute, you can bring a smile on someone’s face, then you have done well. While you are professionals and will play to win, this time you are also playing for something much more important,”

he concluded.