The Indian women’s national hockey team was defeated

National hockey team

The first two matches for the women’s national team of India ended with an equal score. Argentine teams showed a high level of play. This time, unfortunately, Indian girls could not demonstrate all their skills and win. Therefore, the third match of the tournament ended with the loss of the Indian team.

This time the struggle was fierce. The Argentine team immediately went on the offensive. The Indian squad tried to restrain the opponents, but at the eleventh minute of the match, Argentina was able to break through to the goal. Sol Pagella bypassed the defense and scored a goal.

This match was a severe test for the Indian team. The Argentine team did not give Indian girls a break. Although the game was training, the national team of India felt intense pressure from the opponents.

In the twenty-third minute, India had the opportunity to equalize, but the Argentine team’s goalkeeper did his job at the highest level and saved his team’s advantage.

The Indian gate was also at risk in the forty-third and fifty-first minutes. However, this time they did not allow Argentina to break through to the goal and score a goal.

Only by the end of the fourth quarter in the fifty-fourth minute did the Indian national team equalize. This time, Salima Tete passed to the Argentine goal. Her goal saved the team’s position, but not for long.

Three minutes before the end of the match, the Argentine team managed to score the decisive goal at the fifty-seventh minute. The result of the game was a score of 2:1 in favor of Argentina. Such a result did not please the Indians, but they are not upset and perceive their loss as a good lesson and test.