Suman Devi: Healthy Competition Within The Junior Women Hockey Core

Suman Devi
Hockey India

Indian junior women’s hockey team’s talented forward Suman Devi Thoudam believes that the junior team is making positive progress on the international stage and is quickly gaining confidence from the exposure they get.

“Hockey India has allowed the junior women team to get good international exposure with regular overseas events planned for us, and that has helped build confidence. Playing in countries like Australia against a home team is never easy, but we have done well in the past and that the confidence of a victorious exit will surely help us to do well in our future campaigns”

Suman Devi

Speaking about his growth in the team and his prospects for the future, Suman said:

“It is always a dream for any player to represent the Indian senior team, and it is also my ultimate dream. But to get there, you have to prove yourself. The current Indian team is very strong and very experienced. She has made great strides in this Olympic cycle, and there is also a very good pool of players in the senior group. There is healthy competition between us to make the senior cut. However, I’m just focused on improving my own individual game for now, and I’m also focused on contributing to the Indian junior team. It’s a very crucial year for us as we prepare for the Junior Women’s Asian Cup.”

Returning to the National Coaching Camp’s usual routine, Suman believes it will be some time before the squad returns to their old form:

“We haven’t worked out for over six months, and now, after two weeks in quarantine, we have started regular activities with sessions on the field, in the gym, and now we are focusing on strength training and strength training. We are hopeful to be part of a continuous national program despite the challenges of the pandemic, and we want to take full advantage of this opportunity”