Katie Dodd gave hockey her heart


Former captain of the British indoor hockey team – Katie Dodd. Katie participated in international tournaments indoors and outdoors.

She and her team won 26 victories in various tournaments. Katie Dodd did not immediately become the captain of the national team. She went through a lot to achieve this honorary title. A large number of training sessions, a constant analysis of the game, tournaments won – all this helped her become the team leader. This happened when her team won a bronze medal at the European Indoor Hockey Championship. This moment was one of the most important in her hockey career.

However, Katie Dodd made a considerable contribution to hockey development, not only thanks to her game. After the end of her playing career, she began to develop the popularization of hockey and collect memorabilia so that everyone could turn to the hockey heritage at any time. She has also supported the formation and development of the local hockey community – Ealing Ladies Hockey Club for more than 25 years. She also did a lot of work and in 2001 organized and led the merger of Ealing Ladies Hockey Club with another famous hockey club – Hounslow.

It is worth noting that even though Katie Dodd was an outstanding hockey player and did a lot for the development of hockey in the UK, she succeeded not only in the sports field. Katie has also successfully served in the Metropolitan Police for 27 years. Of course, we can say that she managed to carry through her whole life, sincerely loving and giving her complete work.

Now Katie holds the post of chairman of the trustees of the Hockey Museum. In 2018, this museum was accredited by the Art Council of Great Britain, which, of course, was pleased with Katie. This museum has collected the history of field hockey. He was recognized as a valuable source of hockey history not only at the national but also at the international level.

Among the achievements of Katie Dodd is that from 2008 to 2015, she was the UK Hockey Council director. This demonstrates her path from the smallest level to a position of national significance for hockey. In 2018, she and Richard Lehman were awarded an honorary award at the Ice Hockey World Cup.

Katie fondly recalls moments related to hockey:

“Thanks to this sport, now I have a considerable number of good friends, beautiful memories. Hockey has become an essential part of my life, even more of an integral part. Now I am investing a lot of effort in the Hockey Museum. We have an impossible team that has worked a lot over the past few years to put the museum on its feet. We hope that our efforts will not be in vain. “