In 2023, field hockey for people with developmental needs will be included as a demonstration sport in the World Games of the Special Olympics

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In 2023, the World Games of the Special Olympics will be held in Berlin. At this Olympics, for the first time, teams that include players with intellectual disabilities will be able to present hockey as a demonstration sport.

The name of this sports department ParaHockey ID or Hockey ID has already been determined.

This event is an important step towards the improvement and development of hockey. So a more vast audience will be interested in hockey, which will lead to greater popularity of hockey among the population. It also determines the social importance of not only hockey but also of all sports. It is thanks to such competitions that the public eye is directed to people with special features.

At a meeting where the inclusion of ParaHockey ID as a demonstration sport in the World Games of the Special Olympics, the head of which was the president of the International Hockey Federation Narinder Batra, was discussed, the Executive Council fully agreed with the inclusion of hockey for people with intellectual disabilities in the Olympics in Berlin in 2023.

The Executive Board thanked all those who participated in the decision and helped it to become a reality. The council also adopted amendments to the Charter of the International Hockey Federation, which relate to the attitude to gender terms. These amendments will be submitted at the approval of the Congress of the International Hockey Federation in May 2021.

Also, the Executive Council approved the guidelines for the organizers of the Academy of the International Hockey Federation. The purpose of the guide is the capabilities and roles of FIH, national associations, continental federations and licensed providers in the implementation of FIH Academy programs, including the parameters of scholarships and courses for Heroes.

The topic of the distribution of quotas for the continents for the future world hockey championships, which will be held in 2022 and 2023, did not go unnoticed.

The members of the Executive Board decided that four teams from Asia, one from Africa, six from Europe, three from Pan America, two from Oceania will compete from the continents. The Women’s World Cup will be held jointly in the Netherlands and Spain.

One team from Africa, two from Oceania, seven from Europe, four from Asia, two from Pan America will take part in the men’s world cup by the decision of the Executive Council. The tournament will be held in 2023, India will host athletes this time.