Hockey India To Conduct Online Course

Hockey india

On October 16, 2020, Hockey India announced that it would lead the Online Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway and provide a Basic Coaching Course via virtual media.

The first time Hockey India has called for applications from interested and aspiring coaches to apply through an open forum. Only 60 spots will be available for the online course. Applicants will be selected on a first-serve basis. The minimum criteria for applying – require that a candidate has coached a district, school, or university hockey team for at least three years or he/she should have played at the national level/ all Indian university level for at least three years. For apply you can visit the site.

Last year in March, The Hockey India Coaching Pathway was launched. Now streamlining training structure consists of a combination of online modules and face-to-face interactive lessons, supported by a competency-based assessment process that helps the coaching progress to higher levels.

No participation fee is charged to be part of an online course. Applicants who complete the course will become eligible to take the Hockey India Level 1 Coaching Course in the future. Only candidates who have successfully completed the level “1” course will receive the necessary certification.

HI President-in-Office Gyanendro Ningombam said:

“Since the launch of Hockey India Coaching Education Pathway, more than 700 coaches from across India have benefited from the program. We are pleased to lead this program in 2020 to continue to provide a well-designed platform for young coaches from all over the country. The course is intended for potential coaches who have not taken any Hockey India’ entry-level’ and ‘1’ level coaching courses in the past.”