Harendra Singh doubts the success of young games in the men’s national hockey team of India in the current situation


Harendra Singh is a former coach of the Indian hockey team. he expressed the opinion that in the circumstances, it is not worth counting on the team’s success if bets are made on young and inexperienced games.

Due to the break caused by the epidemiological situation, there is a tendency to decline in new games’ progress in sports. In connection with the pandemic, matches were cancelled in 2020, so many players did not have the opportunity to try themselves in competitions either locally or internationally. For this reason, the former coach of the national team believes that Hockey India should pay attention to more experienced games that have already dealt with large competitions. Among such hockey, he ranks Harjit Singh and Devindar Valmiki. he believes that the team needs these players to perform at the World Hockey Championship successfully.

Competitions of the international level were not held for six months. Only in October 2020, the International Hockey Federation organized several Pro League matches, which were held in a very tough mode with compliance with all security measures. However, among hockey among juniors, it is still in decline. The activities have been suspended. The epidemiological situation is still precarious. Therefore, all processes are paused or implemented too slowly. This difficult situation is also because India does not have vaccines to help cope with the virus. Thus, the whole situation is further complicated.

Junior teams began their training much later than senior teams. Therefore, they may not feel very confident. The break was too significant to count on the same results as before the pandemic. Of course, hockey players are trying to return to their previous physical form, tune in to victory. It complicates for them the situation and the fact that nothing is known yet. The schedule often changes. No one understands when full-fledged competitions will begin and what to prepare for. Simultaneously, the coach is doing everything possible so that the athletes do not lose their mood and continue to engage. It is difficult for everyone to calmly survive this period, being isolated and not seeing loved ones for a long time.

To avoid the unpleasant consequences of such an uncertain state of the youth team, the former coach suggests considering games that have previously proved themselves in competitions as part of an adult team. he believes that they were ignored in vain because it is in these hockey players that great potential is hidden.

Harendra Singh is restored after an illness. However, despite his health, he is worried about the future of the team. The coach believes that you should not count on Birendra Lakra and Rupinder Pal Singh. They may not participate in the World Cup and Asian Games. If you count on their presence, then the team can lose a lot. Therefore, he proposes to bet on those games that will represent the country in the international arena and help the national team win first place in the competition.

The main problem of the youth team at the moment is the lack of experience. They need to train for a long time and participate in a large number of competitions to reach the necessary level. So far, he is too inexperienced to rely on and believe that they will undoubtedly go this difficult path to the top.

Harendra considers it necessary to call Harjit Singh and Devindar Valmiki to the camp. They are good and reliable players. There is the confidence that they will be in the team at the Asian Games in 2022 and the World Cup in 2023. Just their potential has not yet been well considered. Everyone pays attention to young hockey players who show good results. But you need to understand that the youth league is different from competitions in the adult composition. To succumb to this pressure and not fall in spirit under the burden of great responsibility, players must have experience behind them. It is not so easy to enter the world arena, where the success of not only your team but the whole country depends on you. With an increase in the level of play and success in matches, hockey players are increasingly responsible. Everyone expects that the national team will not fail and will come only with victories.

his words are unfounded. Harjit was already a success. In 2016, he was the one who led the team to triumph at the World Junior Cup. He has a certain path and experience. He studied with senior hockey players and can give the team confidence in his actions. After such a huge break, this is undoubtedly an important argument. Harjit Singh and Devindar Valmiki have long debuted in the older age category, so they know firsthand about big hockey.

No doubt, having even decided to make Devindar Valmiki and Harjit Singh’s team, the team risks. Harjit had health problems, because of which he left the big sport for some time. Devindar has also not appeared on the world stage for a long time. However, they make every possible effort to take honorary places in the national team again. Of course, they have done a great job of returning to duty and representing their country in the international arena. Of course, this is the dream of every hockey player who came to the sport with serious intentions. But it is worth thinking that these two hockey players could return even after the break, and before him, they showed excellent results. Now for Indian hockey, the main thing is confidence in tomorrow. The former national team coach thinks these players can help Indian hockey and the team.

Harjit did not receive a contract this year, so his only goal at the moment is to get into the national team. Hockey is an important part of his life, which he cannot so easily let go of. Like every athlete, he dreams of representing his country on the world stage. However, he is determined not only to enter this arena but also to win. Now Indian hockey is on the rise, so the national team needs such players. It is they who will not allow this period to end so quickly.

Harendra Singh made every effort to take these two games into the team. he spoke with the current coach of the national Indian hockey team – Graham Reid. Now everything depends only on him. However, Harendra hopes that, despite the lack of time, the coach will trust his opinion and consider these candidates. he believes that these players are worthy of being on the first team.