Due to the pandemic, the Asian Hockey Federation again organizes online seminars for players and coaches


It became known that this month the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) will hold another course of online educational seminars. 

This educational program will be attended by coaches, technicians and judges of “Hockey India.” The courses’ purpose is to provide technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of attack and protection for refereeing, trainers, and technical workers. Thanks to online education, they can use their time efficiently and gain useful knowledge in their fields. 

Gyanendro Ningombam, the official president of Hockey India, expects that as sporting events resume across the country, significant improvements will be noticed in the work of coaches, technicians and judges. 

On November 7, AHF has already held an online seminar on club development and management for all Asian hockey countries. The conference focused on the planning and management of clubs, both internationally and nationally or regionally. 

It is also already known that Hockey India has already nominated six candidates for educational seminars, which were organized by AHF for all Asian hockey players.