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Pep Guardiola has ruled out making a return to Barcelona

Pep Guardiola

After Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned this week, one of the next potential Barcelona presidential candidates, Victor Font, who is the frontrunner to take this post, told he desires to bring Guardiola back to the Nou Camp while also holding onto Lionel Messi.

Spanish Manchester City manager, who was in Barca from 2008-2012, has denied the idea of Viktor Font and stated that he still wants success with City, with his current contract expiring at the end of the season. Worth noticing is that Pep Guardiola set record of 14 trophies in four seasons has made him the most successful coach in Barcelona’s history. Manchester City signed Guardiola to a three-year contract for the start of the 2016–17 season after his expired successful campaign at Bayern Munich.

After beating Sheffield United, he told BT Sport:

“I’ve said it many times, my career as a manager at Barcelona is over”.

He added later in his post-match press conference:

“My career there as a manager was incredible and now Koeman is there, respect him please. He’s the manager, a real friend of mine”.

Pep Guardiola added that he thinks that anyone who seeks to be a manager in such a big club like Barcelona should have some special energy and a lot of stamina to start the new project, but as for him now: he is getting old. 

“That’s why it belongs to young people.”