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FC Coach Sergio Lobera claims this season is going to be the most competitive season ever

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 Islanders played their opening 2020-21 ISL against NorthEast United FC a few days ago, the Spaniard was very quick to point out the ebbs and flows the ISL entails and how he expects the upcoming campaign to be the toughest ever.

“In my opinion, this ISL season is going to be more competitive and more difficult than last season. There are very good teams and some very good signings have been made. The sides have made a lot of effort to bring those players and it will be good for all the teams because of the increased competition,”

Sergio Lobera remarked.   

ISL is opening on the 21st of November. Mumbai FC opening against the NorthEast United FC. The ISL is becoming stronger and it’s football quality is exponentially increasing. The competitiveness of the matches is increasing.

However, alot of football enthusiasts have commenced Mumbai City FC as best for the ISL title, the superfluity of talented players in their ranks and the reality that they have probably the most sharp manager in the ISL. Sergio Lobera though, was explaining that the Islanders only wished to focus on what they could do best, rather than regarding themselves with things that are out of their control.

“I want to respect all teams in the ISL and I think we need to work a lot and hopefully, we can work in this way and at the end of the season, we can be happy with our jobs. My focus and our dream is to work hard and to try to finish in the best possible position,”

he added.

“I think the past can’t affect the future in football, only the present can. I think it is very important to know the new situation. We have a big challenge but we are ready to embrace it,”

the Spaniard commented.

“We are a team but we are a family more importantly. We need to work together in the bubble and it is very vital that the environment is healthy. Obviously, it is a challenge but we have had a lot of help from the CFC and I am very confident and positive about the future. Living in a bubble is not easy but we have to work with what we have. There are bad things and there are good things but I am a positive person,”

Sergio Lobera said.

The Islanders played their opening 2020-21 ISL against NorthEast United FC a few days ago, Sergio Lobera was in high spirits. He knew how to tackle the situation and won the match with high scores. He was very confidential about his victory. But during the sojourn their players were underachievers, all in all the players have graced Mumbai City FC.