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Riot Games and Crown Channel Team Up to Present “wwFest: VALORANT”, A Music Festival Themed on VALORANT


Riot Games is teaming up with Crown Channel to bring the wwFest: VALORANT to life on January 15,  2021. The unique and experimental music festival will air live on the California-based Crown Channel. Viewers will be able to witness the culmination of both the digital and physical worlds, with the whole extravaganza themed on the in-game world of VALORANT, the much-acclaimed and stylish shooter game developed by Riot.

The festival will stage solely musical performances from some of the most renowned artists, musicians, and dancers from all over the world. The already confirmed list of stars includes the likes of Ookay, Moore Kismet, Whipped Cream, and ARMNHMR. The list is set to be strengthened further, with more inclusions yet to be announced.

The wwFest: VALORANT event will aim at giving its viewers an hypnotic, interactive and mesmerizing experience right in the comfort of their homes. 

wwFest: VALORANT will use the latest drone technology to give itself a stylish outlook. It will also be a unique and first-of-its-kind experience for any concert-goer, as it will offer just enough detail, vividity and diversity to match the thrill of a physical event. VALORANT Agents Killjoy, Reyna, Jett, Phoenix, and Raze will also join the party as all the live performances and live art exhibitions of the festival will be recorded as staggering drone footage from the agents’ perspectives.

Viewers will be given the option to choose their own personalized experience of the event through unique drone footages, each of which represents a distinct VALORANT agent. This feature will allow the viewers to dive into the sensation of the in-game sphere of VALORANT itself. It will also enable the viewer to witness the moments prior to and after the performances from the perspectives of the aforementioned VALORANT agents.

With all that going on already, there will also be a main feed of the festival on Crown Channel’s official twitch channel. The main feed will focus on the most exhilarating and cherishable moments of the whole festival, providing an extensive and thorough view of all the performances on the day. Whichever agent you choose, you are set to have the best seat in the house to witness history.