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Why The Brothers of Destruction deserved more recognition as a tag team?


The Brothers of Destruction is one tag team in WWE that comprises the most dominant and legendary superstars viz The Undertaker and Kane. But, the legendary duo has somehow not been able to get the required spotlight together as a tag team. Here’s why:

  • The Undertaker and Kane – together as a team haven’t main-evented Wrestlemanias. The Undertaker and Kane as singles wrestlers have done so. Perhaps a blockbuster tag team championship match at a Wrestlemania main-event having the duo win the championships would have added one more feather to the caps of both the wrestlers.
  • Faced some “past the prime”opponents – If you remember, 2018’s Crown Jewel main event, the Brothers of Destruction had an “past their prime” Triple H and Shawn Micheals as their opponents. No championships were involved, but the match itself sucked considering the huge negative reactions that the match generated (from fans). This match was certainly not up to standards considering the huge potential that it had. Not that The Undertaker and Kane are now aged and out of form.
  • Kane and The Undertaker have won comparatively too few tag team championships considering the fact that the WWE has made the likes of The Uso’s 7-time tag team champions, and superstars such as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, champions. Hence, The Brothers of Destruction deserved better as a team.
  • This was one team that should have got the tag of “unbeatable”. But instead the duo were beaten many times. The “Unbeatable” team should have feuded often with the likes of The Hardy Boyz, The Club, Edge & Christian, and more. These matches could have also involved horror and psychic tactics coupled with mind-games. WWE Creative infused these characteristics into The Undertaker and Kane individually; but less often as a team.
  • Both The Undertaker and Kane should be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the earliest. This should be as The Brothers of Destruction first, individuals later. Both the superstars have been integral parts of WWE’s success; especially during the Attitude Era. Their resilience and grit deserves rewards, surely and collectively. As of now, The Undertaker is rumoured to be retired but a comeback cannot be ruled out at Wrestlemania 37. Kane is a part-timer and wrestles occasionally, whilst managing political duties. The duo’s special moments in the WWE, nonetheless, has been captured in the documentary The Brothers of Destruction that premiers on the WWE Network on 15 November. This even made it to the Austin Film Festival on 29 October.