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The Undertaker’s Final farewell Series set for Survivor Series, with a twist?

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The Undertaker’s Final Farewell is set for WWE Survivor Series this year, WWE announced on social media. This Survivor Series marks 30-years of The Undertaker’s a.k.a Deadman a.k.a The Phenom career in sports entertainment. The Final Farewell would be a tribute to the career of the WWE’s most popular wrestlers. 

With The Undertaker having faced almost all main-event superstars throughout his 30-year career, it seems now that he could ride into sunset. But, there is one superstar who thinks that The Phenom is yet to face him; this is Bray Wyatt a.k.a The Fiend. At this juncture, The Undertaker and The Fiend are yet to come face to face. The former had taken on Wyatt (in his original avatar) and defeated him at Wrestlemania 31. 

Check out what The Fiend had to say regarding the above:

This reaction was in response to this tweet from WWE:

Now, a contest between The Phenom and The Fiend is definitely appealing. It also makes sense for the WWE to book this, somehow. However, with The Undertaker having earlier stated that he had nothing else to prove in the WWE and that he had no intention to return to the ring, this match seems more like fantasy. 

Nonetheless, the WWE Universe would love this idea of both the superstars facing off at Wrestlemania. 

In related news, WWE has been continuing the Deadman series as a tribute to The Phenom. This series consists of all The Undertaker’s best matches, with unseen moments also part of the collection. Recently, The Brothers of Destruction documentary featuring The Deadman and his storyline half-brother Kane premiered at the Austin Film Festival. An exclusive Deadman series tailor-made for Indian audiences is also ready to be broadcast on 15 November.