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Restless Boxers: Indian Boxers Working Hard For Next Year’s Tokyo Olympics

Only a few months are left until the Tokyo Olympics begins – Japan from July 23, 2021, Indian athletes persist in doing their best to get ready for the opportunity to symbolize their nation on the biggest stage proudly.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more than ever and next year represents an inspiration of hope for many worldwide.

For athletes, there is no training or other activities to cope up with techniques and skills. How to stay active during the lockdown? The hard part, more than the mental part, is not getting the coaches to guide. Without a doubt, the past few months have presented unprecedented, and the virus has taken charge of everyone’s life. 

After a long pause, the national camp for men and women boxes resumed in Patiala in August. According to the Home Office guidelines, the pugilists start with their training for the next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo; the boxers have kept to their normal exercise routine. And it started to bother coaches, as routine training created boredom for boxers.

“To systematize a “team bond”, men and women boxers, including the coaches conducted different competitions – a football match, quiz contests, and other similar activities that focused on their Olympic dream, it was good and helped us to keep our minds and bodies active and to stay calm at the same time.” a boxer told IANS.

To great evils the great means. Possibly no one personifies this spirit better than our athletes, who are resorting to exceptional training methods to stay on the lookout during the unprecedented lockdown that has been brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

An exciting year is waiting for Indian athletes, followed by a much anticipated Olympics.