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No, Drew McIntyre is not going to Survivor Series for now

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The impasse concerning the fifth and final member of Team RAW has now ended and it is Matt Riddle who would be the fifth member to represent the red brand at the Survivor Series versus TeamSmackdown. Drew McIntyre is not the fifth man here. This means that technically McIntyre is not going to Survivor Series. 

To start off, Matt Riddle bested both Jeff Hardy and Elias in a triple threat match, to come out victorious and represent the RAW Survivor Series team. Riddle is now the favourite to remain the sole survivor considering his athletic abilities and coupled by the fact that Team RAW have shown signs of discontent amongst each other and now look like they can hardly get on with each other. 

Then, McIntyre who was highly anticipated (by the WWE Universe) to be the fifth man in the RAW Survivor Series team would not be making it to the event as part of team RAW. However, he could still go to Survivor Series as WWE Champion courtesy his title match against champion Randy Orton next week on RAW. If McIntyre beats Orton, he is on to face Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. 

Nonetheless, McIntyre becoming the new champion next week on RAW seems unlikely as WWE have already advertised Orton vs Reigns for Survivor Series. This match could result in an unclean finish or even interference from The Miz. 

Finally, the storyline of McIntyre and Orton could progress beyond Survivor Series and it makes sense to do so. Involvement of The Fiend Bray Wyatt, in this rivalry is also imminent so is The Miz. Threat to Orton is maximum from The Miz at this juncture. This multi-pronged feud makes sense at least till Wrestlemania 37 where Edge could be making his return to settle scores with Orton.