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Lars Sullivan could be packaged as a new monster, and win the Royal Rumble

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan – who rose to fame in WWE NXT is no doubt a monstrous heel to the core. Currently, in his second WWE run, Sullivan all looks set to be the monster he was believed (by the WWE Universe) to be. Going by how his second run has so far progressed, Sullivan looks all set to win the Royal Rumble, headline Wrestlemania and just win the championship at the grandest stage of them all. Here’s why.

  • Sullivan has so far looked destructive even in actual matches. This is in stark contrast to his first run where he just came to the ring to beat up opponents rather than besting them in actual fights. His recent victory over Jeff Hardy is a point to proof.
  • Secondly, Sullivan has always been viewed by the WWE Universe as main-event championship material. His first run ended in an injury before he was booked to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 35 and beat him to become the “face”. Hence, going by his second run booking, it is imminent that Sullivan would turn out to be the monster he was always meant to be and therefore dominate the WWE scene.
  • Sullivan’s recent interview with Corey Greaves is yet another potential indicator of the fact that there could be complete annihilation by the superstar, soon. At this juncture, with Royal Rumble being the next big event after Survivor Series, Sullivan could just best the 29 other superstars to win and headline wrestlemania probably beating Roman Reigns to win the Universal championship. We predict that Edge and Sullivan could be the last two men at the Rumble with Sullivan eliminating Edge with interference from current champion Orton. Orton vs Edge is also thus potentially set up so is Reigns vs Sullivan. Hence, we think that the Royal Rumble could be the perfect big stage for Sullivan to really unleash the freakiness in him.

Sullivan’s interview with Greaves: