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John Cena should win his 17th championship at Wrestlemania 37

john cena

John Cena – WWE’s prime time player for more than a decade is now wrestling part-time for the company. With him being in the twilight of his wrestling career, it is only imminent that he gets the spotlight he deserves and take a grand bow. What better than at Wrestlemania 37? Here’s why, we think that Cena should wrestle at Mania, beat Roman Reigns and win his 17th world title before bidding adieu:

  • John Cena has been over more than anybody else during his active wrestling career. His inspirational quotes and “Rise above hate”, “Never Give Up” won him admirers from even non-WWE fans. Hence, he deserves limelight during the last legs of his career.
  • Cena has headlined multiple Wrestlemanias, and all the Manias he headlined have been grand successes for the WWE. This has translated to rich revenue for the Vince McMahon-led company. With this being the focal point, in case Cena plans to move away from active wrestling to concentrate on his non-wrestling career, Wrestlemania 37 could be ideal; in fact any Wrestlemania would be ideal.
  • Cena lost to Roman Reigns at No Mercy 2017, this match was seen by fans as a passing of the torch to be the face of WWE. With Reigns still getting boos and having turned heel now, the best way to teach him a “lesson” would be to have Cena beat Reigns and win his 17th title at Wrestlemania 37 main event.
  • Cena undoubtedly is one of the greats in the wrestling business due to his in-ring persona and skills, and also has star appeal. A man of his stature should not be on the losing end; at least to Reigns. It pains to watch Cena lose matches of late. His losses to The Fiend Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker recently are forgettable. He should also get over Reigns as a face – as Cena is best known for his face work rather than as a rapping heel.
  •  Finally, Cena should not go the Brock Lesnar way when it comes to WWE contracts. Lensar is currently out of his contract, but he is expected to return to the company in the near future. His recent matches received maximum boos from the WWE Universe as a result of which he had to face defeats from the likes of Seth Rollins and even appear a tad weak over Rey Mysterio. WWE needs to avoid this with cena at any cost. A strong Cena retiring would be best for business at any given point in time.