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Indian wrestler impresses on Impact Wrestling

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Indian origin Impact Wrestling superstar Rohit Raju has continued to impress with his in-ring exploits. Currently the X-Division champion, Raju though using underhand tactics to win matches, defeated TJP to retain his title; but continues to impress through his work in the ring keeping his “other” tactics aside. 

This week’s Impact saw Raju defend his championship against TJP. The former impressed in every bit of the duel. Though he won courtesy a low-blow, his movements inside the six-sided ring has won him praise from both fans and critics alike. 

Raju, though born in Michigan in the USA, has roots in India. Raju even started the Beat Rohit challenge wherein multiple opponents tried besting him to win the X-Division championship; but Rohit won these matches every time even if it means using illegal tactics. He is still the X-Division champion – a title that he has held since August this year. 

Rohit’s victory has also come under appreciation from netizens. Check out below certain reactions to his won over TJP on Impact Wrestling:

“I gotta say, HakimZane’s run as X Division champion has been a pleasant surprise. I really hope different masked wrestlers who bear more than a passing resemblance to MegaTJP show up now to challenge for the title & this feud goes longer on ImpactOnAXSTV,”

stated an Impact Wrestling enthusiast on Twitter. 

“Good. Cause it would’ve been dumb to have TJ win it,”

added another Impact Wrestling fan. 

“Well done champ. Can’t beat Rohit,”

was another fan’s thoughts. 

Raju looking dominant over TJP makes sense for now. Raju’s acts have been getting better every week. His “Beat Rohit” challenges bear a striking resemblance to John Cena’s “Open challenges” for the WWE United States championship. Hence, it would not be an exaggeration to state that Raju some day attains the status of Cena as a true superstar; albeit for Impact Wrestling.