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Artist chronicles Chris Jericho’s 30 years of wrestling in new print, depicts the “List of Jericho” as well


A new print depicting the wrestling life of Chris Jericho is now available for ordering in the United States of America (USA). USP of this print (poster) is the fact that it illustrates Jericho’s career and accomplishments right from the time when he debuted in the WCW and went on to do amazing work in the WWE and now AEW. 

Here, this poster also highlights Jericho’s popular gimmick during his last run with WWE “The List of Jericho”. This gimmick was hugely over with fans, and helped soar Jericho’s popularity. This, along with other major accomplishments such as Jericho winning the WWE Undisputed championship in 2001, his heel turn during 2008, up till his more recent AEW debut and winning the AEW world championship, have been depicted in the print. This print is currently up for pre-orders on Highspot auctions website. The print has been signed by Jericho himself. The print has been created by wrestling enthusiast going by the twitter handle Nolanium.

In fact Jericho himself has acknowledged, Nolanium’s, effort in creating his print. 

In related wrestling news, WWE champion Randy Orton and Universal champion Roman Reigns are all set to square off at Survivor Series 2020. This is a high-stakes match with Orton definitely looking strong thanks to his victory over Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell. However, with Reigns also booked strongly (like always) by WWE Creative, fans could expect a cracker of a contest. Nonetheless, Orton could just go over Reigns in this hard-fought match. Check out why.