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WBFI: make the impossible come true even during Covid-19


Having a disability doesn’t mean not having any possibility to enjoy one’s favorite sport. That’s why the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India is doing its best to support disabled athletes in every situation, even at a time of a global pandemic.

WBFI is announcing a new competition “Virtually Unstoppable!”

Imagine being unable to do something, that your family, your friends can. And it is extremely tough to be a sportsman, having insurmountable physical barriers. 2020 became a difficult year for many sportsmen, but athletes with disabilities have the most complicated situation, because of the required regular therapy session and special treatment. The Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India is helping its members both physically and emotionally. Providing them with both groceries and online medical sessions, where experts teach how to stay in shape during the quarantine and how to take care of your health. Online exercises and webinars are helping disabled athletes to keep in touch with their teammates and not to lose playing skills.

Despite the pandemic, the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India is announcing a new competition “Virtually Unstoppable!”. It will be held online, replacing the WBFI’s annual tournament.

“Virtually Unstoppable!” will consist of quiz, art, skills, and fitness challenges, giving disabled athletes a wonderful event to take part in, making this event-free year a little bit more exciting.